A couple things about me


I’m an inventor and entrepreneur working in the intersection of art, technology, and human-centric design. The focus of my career has been on ideating products and companies that push boundaries without losing a human touch, usually challenging the norms of both traditional industries and the “Silicon Valley way”. This has often translated into co-creating companies and projects in the fields of cybersecurity, smartphone mobility, media, and journalism; also advising European policymakers and advocating for privacy, inclusiveness, and youth empowerment through community organizations like Global Shapers and Sandbox.

My current passion and area of research is solitude/loneliness as a public health issue. It is also a space in which I am currently investing and helping develop public policy.

Over the past decade I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in product ideation and strategy (especially in mobile devices), go-to-market & business development (with launches in flagship mobile carriers across 3 continents), manufacturing and supply chain (partnerships with major ODMs and semiconductor companies) and general start-up lifecycle (growth, M&A and capital/debt financing).

I’m always open to new projects or exchanging insights, so please reach out!

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