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XKP: Mayday Team

Project details

  • Company: Darkgate Softworks
  • Year: 2008
  • Project type: Video game / playable demo
  • Role: Game designer

Project description

XKP: Mayday Team was my first attempt at 3D video game design, together with a small group of friends. Using one of the first DirectX10 engines and a popular FPS physics and terrain engine at the time, we purchased 3d models and textures to build an entire playable universe.

We never got to complete a full history around it and only 2 full levels were designed alongside a number of enemies and objects/weapons. Its demo was briefly available for Windows PCs but was never published.

An earlier attempt at gaming design was a 2D “Zelda-style” RPG titled “The Fifth Element”, with a more thoroughly¬†elaborated story and soundtrack, and around 25 minutes of developed gameplay. Sadly the entire game was lost due to the shareware forum where it was published closing down, and physical disk damage to my own backups during a move.