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Blackphone 2

Project details

  • Company: Silent Circle
  • Year: 2015
  • Project type: Commercial
  • Role: Chief Scientist
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Project description

The Blackphone 2 was a successor to the original Blackphone, featuring an end-to-end revamp of hardware and software features, including a new operating system, Silent OS (fully Android-compatible and certified). Blackphone 2’s most notable feature was its ability to isolate sandboxed spaces, including the ability to have a segregated desktop without the Google Apps suite.

It included the Silent Store and a secure OTA mechanism, as well as the usual integration of the full Silent Circle suite. It also supported integration with the most popular MDM providers such as Good or Cytrix, making it a breeze to deploy in corporate environments.

Its tamper-proof packaging represented another innovation, in an often overlooked aspect of product design. It earned Silent Circle a position among Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2015 and the Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award.

It was launched internationally with Tier-1 carriers, from 1010/HSK in Hong Kong to Telcel in Mexico, as well as direct-to-costumer sales through Silent Circle’s distribution network.

Manufacturing facilities are kept confidential for security reasons. Hardware, firmware, and UI developed by Silent Circle. Network infrastructure provided by SafeHost.